Yen-Ping Chang (張硯評)

I'm an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling of National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, and I lead Team ERICA. My research explores the functions of emotions in human social bonding. You can find my CV here.

Postdoc member(s)

Meng-Lun "Tonny" Kuo (郭孟倫)

With training in I/O psy and business analytics, I am interested in how discrete emotions shape unique experiences and interpersonal relationships between entities (e.g., leaders and followers, consumers and brands) in the organizational, service and educational contexts. Particularly, I am fascinated by the episdemic and social functions of self-transcendent emotions in knowledge-building processes, status attainment, and leadership emergence. You can find out more about me at my website

Grad member(s)

Ping-Duan Chen (陳品端)

I major in I/O psychology at NTHU, and my current study is about applying social attitude and emotion to consumer behavior. Also, I'm an aficionado of ACG and volleyball (a sporty nerd to be exact), so feel free to join me! 

Shuyi Chen (書怡)

Hello! I am pursuing a Master’s degree in counseling psychology at NTHU. I also have a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University. My research focuses on parent-child relationships as well as intimate relationships. I deeply enjoy and appreciate literature, for I think writers are some of the most brilliant people at capturing the complexity and beauty of humanity. I also love writing a journal and have a pretty impressive collection of stationery!

Yiting Chen (繹婷)

I am a graduate student studying counseling psychology at NTHU, and my research focuses on the links between self and mental illness. Recently, I enjoy reading books about concentration camp and North Korean defectors. I also love traveling and exploring new parts of the world.

Ya-Hsin Cheng (鄭雅馨)

I am currently pursuing a Master's in counseling psychology at NTHU and my research interests are romantic relationships, romantic nostalgia, and emotions. Recently, I like reading and drawing very much, especially reading poems. Welcome to share your favorite poems with me. 

YiNi Fang (方旖旎) 

I am currently a graduate student in the counseling psychology Department of NTHU, and a guidance counselor at Hukou High School. I graduated from the Department of Counseling and Guidance at NUTN, and joined ERICA Lab in 2021. My research interest lies in family relationship, including (but not limited to) birth order, reproductive motivation, gender roles, and how social construction impacts relationships.

Rui-Pu Hsu  (徐瑞璞) 

Ms. Hsu's is a Master's student in counseling psychology. Her research focuses on the links between self, emotions, and psychological flexibility. 

I-hsuan "Kadi" Huang (黃怡瑄)

I am a graduate student in the Counseling Psychology department of NTHU. I am interested in basic psychological theories. My research interests are emotion, romantic relationships, and gratitude. I like singing, playing the cello and photography!

Jia Yi "Joy" Wang (王佳怡) 

I'm a graduate student majoring in basic psychology at NTHU, and my research interests are emotion, interpersonal relationship, and positive psychology. I enjoy reading, exercising, and trying to understand myself and others.

Undergrad member(s)

Hsin-Chen "Cindy" Cheng (鄭欣晨)

I am an undergraduate student who is double majoring in psychology and economics at NTHU. I'm interested in interpersonal relationships, astronomy and space-related things. Sounds cool, right? I like milk tea, too. My current research exams the mental health of astronauts in extreme environments.

Huimin "Audrey" Lin (林卉敏)

I'm an undergraduate student in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, with a minor in humanities and social sciences. I’m interested in language and emotion. I enjoy learning new languages and playing sports. 

Ying-Hsiu Yeh (葉盈秀)

I am an undergraduate student in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling of NTHU. I am interested in emotions and self-psychology from an interpersonal and therapeutic perspective. My current research aims at emotion, romantic relationships, and self-clarity.