Former members

Postdoc members

Hui-Tzu "Lydia" Lin (林慧慈)

Dr. Lin was a postdoc in the lab. Her work focused on the developmental and cognitive processes of moral judgment in interpersonal contexts, for adults and children.

Chieh Lu (呂婕)

Dr. Lu was a postdoc in the lab. She's interested in people's awareness of how their experiences have shaped who they are. Her work on cultural self-awareness has focused on cultural experiences and found well-being and intergroup benefits of the awareness. Apart from investigating the mechanisms and outcomes of cultural self-awareness, she seeks to extend the study of self-awareness to other domains, especially emotions, interpersonal relationships, and social movement.

Grad members

Hsiang-Lien Chen (陳香璉)

Ms. Chen was a Master's student in the ERICA Lab. Her research focused on positive emotions in student peer relations.

I-Ting "Naomi" Cheng (鄭伊庭)

I was Master's degree in I/O psychology at NTHU, and my research aimed at consumer behavior & marketing from the perspective of psychology. Happy to discuss and chat! Also I enjoy films & dramas and never see the end of my list.

Tzu-Jai "Ray" Liu (劉子睿)

My favorite topic was the applications of statistics in psychology. I worked on the oscillator model for physiological data.

Wei-Sheng Wang (王威勝)

Mr. Wang was a graduate student in the lab majoring in I/O psychology at NTHU. His research interests were consumer behavior and affect.

Undergrad members

Vivian Kuo (郭乃瑋)

Ms. Kuo was an undergraduate student in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling. Her research focused on self-regulation and selection between conflicting goals.

Ling Lee (李凌)

I studied psychology and counseling. My interest was music therapy, social-cultural psychology and emotions. I enjoy what I'm doing!

Xin-Hung Wang (王心虹)

I was an undergraduate student in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling of National, Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. I was interested in emotions, counseling, and social psychology.

Chih Hsuan Yang (楊芷諼)

I studied psychology and counseling at NTHU. My research interests were gender, social psychology, and emotions. And... I love films!