Gratitude without borders

We appreciate the company of our kittens, the loyalty of our cars, and the speed and accuracy of our laptops. We thank them as if they understand. But do they, really? How? And why're we doing this? Here, we investigate the psychology of gratitude for non-human beings.

Self-compassion at work

Being kind to others is one thing, being so to oneself is another. We all love working at a place where people treat each other nicely. But do we want our colleagues and maybe ourselves, too, to forgive themselves easily? What's good about that for the company? Is it by any chance productive?

In collaboration with Wan-Jing Chang

Gratitude & interpersonal trust

Grateful people are nice people, so they usually trust others around them, don't they? In this project, we aim to extend the literature on gratitude and interpersonal trust, focusing on finding the situations in which gratitude would work better sometimes but, other times, worse for building trust.

Led by Wei-Sheng

Culture & impulsive shopping

We all have the experiences of buying stuff we didn't plan to buy and indeed regret buying when ruminating about it now. In this project, we look at the emotional processes of impulsive shopping and, specifically, the roles and influences of culture in the processes.

Led by Naomi

Interpersonal physiological synchrony

It's known that we sync with those who we interact with behaviorally, conversationally, mentally, and deep down, physiologically. This last synchrony, however, is hard to statistically model. In this project, we combine existing statistical knowledge with machine learning to tackle the problem.

Led by Ray, in collaboration with Chi-Chun Lee